Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Club Plans

I know it's getting cold, but now is actually when the cycling season begins for some of us who are just now starting our training. I figured a club update was pretty overdue, so I would like to share a few ideas with you guys and (hopefully) get some feedback.


1. Training Plans–does anyone who is considering racing/getting into better shape want them? I have some I can distribute to you via email upon request

2. Since the Training Plan might be pretty foreign to most of you who haven't used heart rate monitors before, would anyone want to do a spin class where I explain to you what Zone 1/2/3/4/5 and other weird jargon like VO2 intervals actually mean? I figure it would be a fun way to learn the stuff together, and get a better sense of what training and competitive cycling are about.

3. Jerseys–I would like to place a new order, and will begin working on a redesign if there is enough interest. Ideally, if we can get everything organized relatively quickly it should come within 2-3 months. (In time for the season)
FYI, the full kit (shorts and jersey) generally costs about 115, or 110, I'll have to double check.

4. Group Ride? I had been doing sunday group rides at a pretty relaxed pace at 10 AM from JOE'S BIKE SHOP.
4a. does anyone actually know where the bike shop is?
4b. I'm sorry but the ride leaves by 10:10 at the latest, No exceptions. If you're late, it's up to you to catch up.
4c. There is also a local Saturday group ride out of Race Pace in Owings Mills, Last time I went I got my legs torn off, but if anyone is looking for a hard group ride, and is familiar enough with the roads to find their way back, then this is definitely a good option.

5. Clinics with the Coach : I know it's getting cold, but if you dress in a few layers, it's really not too bad. We could schedule some early when we return to school in February or later when it gets slightly warmer (although the season will be underway at that point) We could work on sprinting, climbing, cornering, drafting, anything you guys are interested in.

That is all for now,

hopkins cycling pres
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  1. Sterling-
    2) I'd give a spin class a try
    3) count me in on a full kit. I won't be competing (staff, not student) but will definitely go in on a group purchase.
    4a) yes, just haven't made it there for a group ride (yet)

  2. Sterling,
    I'd like a training plan and would be interested in the spin class. Also count me in for the full kit.
    Hopefully I will see you this Sunday for the group ride.

  3. Sterling-
    Though I haven't really gone to any club rides yet (illness):
    2)Spin classes are always fun
    3) I'm interested in the full kit
    I'll try to attend on Sunday.

  4. i'm in for clinic with beth and spin class...

  5. I too would be interested in a clinic. Anyone riding on Saturday too? I'm thinking about putting in a long ride. I'll probably send an email out too.

  6. I would be interested in everything mentioned. I would especially want to do the clinics to learn how to race.

  7. I'd come to the spin class/indoor group ride as long as we could work out a good time. I'm also down for a kit. Not sure about racing next season though. Send me an email if you want to talk about it.